Birmingham-based composer and conductor | all-round musician | researcher | trumpeter


co-founder and co-artistic director of Infinite Opera


theatricality in music | unusual spaces | interdisciplinary collaboration | community



"cool rhythms" "exciting harmonies" "funky classical" "wacky tempo markings!"



Daniel Blanco Albert joins Miotta & Molière with a selection of his repertoire for ensemble and orchestra.

Talk about the music composition of Autohoodening: The Rise of Captain Swing in Boden (Swedish Lapland)


Daniel Blanco Albert talked on the 27th Oct 22 about the process of creation of the music for the folk protest operatic masquerade film  Autohoodening: The Rise of Captain Swing, as one of the activities at the

Luleåbiennalen 2022 – Hantverk & Konst.


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15th Oct 2022 to 15th Jan 2023

Boden and Luleå (Sweden)

Exhibit and projection of the folk protest operatic masquerade film Autohoodening: The Rise of Captain Swing at the  Luleåbiennalen 2022 – Hantverk & Konst (Sweden) .



19th January 2023

Thinktank Planetarium - Birmingham 7pm

Performance of The Flowering Desert, a surround sound immersive experience, with a tailor-made music of the spheres, which puts the audience inside the mind of a scientist and the recently discovered TRAPPIST-1 solar system, exploring the border between fact and imagination. Created in collaboration with Dr. Amaury Triaud and using world leading research, this initiative brings immersivity in opera to a cosmic level using the planetarium creatively at all levels with live music performed in a spheric 180º setting with bespoke curated projections and sound design.


An Infinite Opera production

Conducted by the composer