"Entanglement! An Entropic Tale" 2018/2019 Tour



     Entanglement! An Entropic Tale is a cosmic dissemination opera that describes the mysteries of our universe (and of many others) with the distinctive sense of humour that only a nihilist character such as Entropy can have. At the same time, the impossible love story of an electron and a positron, who are stuck in a quantum quandary about their possibilities, arises during the unstoppable – and chaotic – destruction of the universe.


Future Dates:


14th November, time tbc (with pre-show presentation) – King’s College London Chapel, London


27th November, 7.30 pm (with pre-show presentation at 7pm) – Lakeside Theatre, Nottingham 




More dates to be confirmed



Past Dates:

8th August – Tête À Tête Opera Festival at RADA Studios, London

(Do you want to see this performance? Follow this link!)







Besse trilogy


Besse is a mini-series of short operas centred about the figure of a female brewer (or brewster) in the XIV century.

Witchcraft and science, tails and tales, and -of course- a lot of beer!


Created by Infinite Opera in collaboration with Digbrew and Grand Union, Besse will, for the first time, merge the worlds of opera and beer through the unique vision of a character that championed feminism through fermentation.


We started our research for these operas by creating a special programme of our future series of Infinite Opera Podcasts. 


This series of operas will be premiered at Digbrew in Spring 2019.