The Infinite Opera


For sure you must be wondering what’s the relationship between a hipster and the end of the universe, right?  This opera shows just that and much more!


Also, it shows… how time travelling works, that forbidden love between subatomic particles may be possible, why black holes are so misunderstood, that gravity doesn’t give a shit about us, and how the string theory may actually be useful for something ;) ;)


This comic divulgation opera describes the mysteries of our universe (and of many others) with the distinctive sense of humor that only a nihilist character such as Baron Entropy can have. At the same time, the impossible love story of an electron and a positron, who are stuck in a quantum quandary about their possibilities, arises during the unstoppable –and chaotic- destruction of our known universe…


Libretto by Roxanne Korda

Music by Daniel Blanco Albert

Produced by Roxanne Korda and Daniel Blanco Albert



Next Performances:


10th March - Women in Physics Conference / King's College London (short scene)

22nd April - Balsall Heath (workshop version)


26th, 27th April / LAB 7pm - Première


more dates to be added

Macbeth Projeto

Phases 2 & 3



Performance/Installation directed by  Aleksandar Dundjerovic 

Macbeth: Stephen Simms


Music Installation: Daniel Blanco Albert


March 5th 2018 / Digbeth First Fridays

Dig Brew

Thallein Ensemble

Homage Concert 19th November 2017


Homage concert to Edwin Roxburgh and Howard Skempton for their 80th and 70th birthdays.


Pieces by Edwin Roxburgh, Howard Skempton, Daniel Blanco Albert and Felix Cheung.


17th November 2017

Daniel Blanco & Friends #3


Following the successful concerts in 2016 and 2017, this -already a classic!-  Composition department annual event premieres new repertoire for solo trumpet or trumpet in an unusual combination.


June 2018


by Room Art


"Incidental" is an immersive event exploring the dichotomy of isolation in an increasingly connected world. Only partly directed, musicians and artists interweave improvisations with a moving narrative that allows such incidental encounters to unfold on stage.



Macbeth Projeto

Phases 2 & 3



Performance/Installation directed by  Aleksandar Dundjerovic