Daniel Blanco & Friends Trumpet Recital #3

Daniel Blanco & Friends Trumpet Recital #3 is the annual electrifying, compelling, energetic, magnetic, unpredictable, eye-opening, adjective, adjective and adjective (explanatory sentence for the last adjective) trumpet recital where everything is possible. 




 Si Paton -  Summer depression


Patrick Ellis - Trumpet, Alone


Hugo Bell - Canon  


Cam Athanasiades - Symphonies


Rob Crehan - Fractured melodic line over an oscillating chord progression  


Veronika Tabakova - Bulgarian Forest  


Andy Ingamells - Tea Towel


Robin Morton - Duende por Dani Blanco Albert


Andrew Hamilton - JOY



Photos by Charlie Kirkpatrick


Solo (& friends) trumpet recital

For the second year in a row new pieces for solo trumpet composed by both students and established composers were premiered, this time at CODA festival. This year, we did also hear new duos especially to be performed by their composer and the trumpeter.




 Daniel Blanco Albert -  Caligari's Moment

with Daniel Lipton and Paul Zaba


Paul Zaba - Piece for Trumpet and Accordion  


Seán Clancy - Blanco Slows Down and Eventually Stops  


Harm Roché van Tiddens - Rhino Midden  


Andrés Valero Castells - Impromptu  


Sam Leith Taylor - Sweet  


Felix Cheung - Three Scenes from Windermere 



Photos by Greg Milner


New Music for Solo Trumpet


The project aimed, through a series of workshops to create new music for solo trumpet to educate audience, composers and performers about all the possibilities of the trumpet nowadays. These pieces may include elements such as music theatre, electronics or any other external elements, but being the concept "solo trumpet" the main key.


This project was borne at Birmingham Conservatoire and involved the composition of pieces by both members of the staff and students, so there is a feedback between established composers and young fellows.




Michael Wolters - Fünf Fanfaren


Andrew Toovey - The Trumpet in my Life


Thomas Earl - Solo for Trumpet


Sabino de Bari - Ricercare


Richard Leigh Harris - Buddy's Soliloquy


Errollyn Wallen - Fanfare for Gavin


Richard Leigh Harris - Leonardo's Cathedral


Emily Abdy - Experiments


Same Leith Taylor - And, and, and


Rob Roberts - Break the Groove


Max Gibson - For Dani