Collaborative projects 2018 - 2019

May 2019



Collaboration with PostWorkers Theatre & Angry Margaret Protest Choir.


Protesteroo was conceived as part of Three Day Work-Out; a three day event exploring the connections between work, social movements and free time at Tate Liverpool in May 2019. The Clarion, a historic social reform movement, was very active in Liverpool in the late 19th century. Three Day Work-Out, revisited it’s core activities: communal cycling, singing and publishing to reflect on current debates around modern forms of work and leisure. 


Protesteroo brought together the Liverpool Socialist Singers, and the Angry Margaret Protest Choir (BCU) led by Infinite Opera. Members of the public were invited to update songs from the Clarion Song Book and specify a location within a 2.5 mile radius of Tate Liverpool where they would like their protest to be delivered.

July 2018

Macbeth at 4:48

Macbeth at 4:48 at VUK Theatre, Belgrade 


Installation/Performance directed by Aleksandar Dundjerovic 


Part of the IFTR (International Federation for Theatre Research) Conference. 



Music by Daniel Blanco Albert

March 2018

Macbeth Projeto, Cycle 2, Phase 2

Performance/Installation directed by  Aleksandar Dundjerovic 


Macbeth: Stephen Simms


Music Installation: Daniel Blanco Albert


March 5th 2018 / Digbeth First Fridays

Dig Brew


January 2018

Kaleidoscope by Maja Pluta

Improvisation/based ensemble Kaleidoscope

Debut concert directed by Maja Pluta


Pieces by several composers, including:


"Danses d'Oficis" by Daniel Blanco

-Dance of the Banker and the Politician

-Dance of the Minimum Wage Worker


January 26th 2018 / LAB / Royal Birmingham Conservatoire