Infinite Opera "Dry Eyes"

 A newly-commissioned performance by Birmingham-based opera troupe Infinite Opera in response to Lauren Gault's exhibition, "Drye Eyes", exploring sound and performance as a formal object.

Protest Choir - Angry Margaret

Angry Margaret is a protest choir made up of students from the Birmingham School of Art. Led by Roxanne and Dani of Infinite Opera, they sing their convictions and tackle issues such as; student fees, climate change and Brexit!




 Daniel Blanco & Friends #3


27 June 2018


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Incidental by Room Art


"Incidental" is an immersive event exploring the dichotomy of isolation in an increasingly connected world. Only partly directed, musicians and artists interweave improvisations with a moving narrative that allows such incidental encounters to unfold on stage.



by Maja Pluta

Improvisation/based ensemble Kaleidoscope

Debut concert directed by Maja Pluta




Pieces by several composers, including:


"Danses d'Oficis" by Daniel Blanco

-Dance of the Banker and the Politician

-Dance of the Minimum Wage Worker


January 26th 2018 / LAB / Royal Birmingham Conservatoire



Macbeth Projeto
Phase 3


Performance/Installation directed by  Aleksandar Dundjerovic 

Macbeth: Stephen Simms


Music Installation: Daniel Blanco Albert


March 5th 2018 / Digbeth First Fridays

Dig Brew


by David Edgar

by David Edgar

BSA production directed by Aleksandar Dundjerovic
Music by Daniel Blanco Albert 


December 13th-16th 2017

Patrick Centre, Birmingham Hippodrome




Thallein Ensemble

Homage Concert 19th November 2017


Homage concert to Edwin Roxburgh and Howard Skempton for their 80th and 70th birthdays.


Pieces by Edwin Roxburgh, Howard Skempton, Daniel Blanco Albert and Felix Cheung.


17th November 2017



Holy Day
by Andrew Bovell 

Holy Day
by Andrew Bovell 

BSA production directed by Lise Olson
Music by Daniel Blanco Albert 


October 11th-14th 2017

Crescent Theatre Studio, Birmingham




Birmingham City Engineering Festival

Installation/Performance directed by Aleksandar Dundjerovic  
Music by Daniel Blanco Albert
July 13th-16th, 26th-27th 2017


Installation/Performance directed by Aleksandar Dundjerovic 


Music by Daniel Blanco

30th of June 2017

Centrala, Birmingham


BSA production directed by  Gareth Somers 
Music by Daniel Blanco Albert
22-24th June 2017




For the second year in a row, composer and trumpeter Daniel Blanco premiered new pieces for solo trumpet composed by both students and established composers. This year, we also heard new duos especially written to be performed by their composer and the trumpeter.


19th June 2017




"La Obisparra's" scene for large orchestra, "devils' awakening" was played by Valencia Conservatoire Symphonic Orchestra as part of the final concert of their academic year.


30th of May and 1st of June 2017