Besse Opera Trilogy: Water, Rye, Hops



A Trilogy.


Water, Hops & Rye.


Besse lives in medieval England on the cusp of social change. She is in love with beer and the independence it affords her as she follows in the footsteps and traditions of the brewing goddesses and brewsters of the Sumerian civilization over 5000 years before her.


The year is 1348 AD and England is a changing land. If Besse does not act fast the power of beer will soon be taken from her. Against the backdrop of the Black Death and tortured by accusations of witchcraft she must navigate her way through the difficult and dangerous world that surrounds her to practice the art of fermentation to its greatest heights.


Each opera will form part of a trilogy telling the dramatic and emotional story of Besse’s devotion to the art of beer making and her fight for freedom.


Part I.

Première Friday 8th March 2019 8pm.




Everything is running smoothly at Besse’s inn until the beer runs out. As the pressure and atmosphere heat up Besse starts to make deadly choices that will change her world forever.


This event will also form part of Dig Brew’s celebration of International Women’s Day 2019.

Limited edition beer for part I:

Besse: Hathor’s Revenge brewed with Dig Brew in can to take home.

Hathor’s Revenge is a Red Fruit Berliner Weisse with high quantities of raspberries, strawberries, red currents and cherries added during fermentation.


Besse. part II

Première Friday 12th April 2018 8pm.




With knowledge of the rising patriarchy Besse takes action toe regain control f her beer. However, in a storm of accusations her actions take force beyond her control.

There is  a 5 minute ‘previously on Besse’ prior to the start of the opera. Do not worry if you missed part I.


Tickets for sale at the bar at Dig Brew or follow the eventbrite link in our bio.


Beer for part II: Maleficarum.

IPA made with Chevallier heritage malt (derived from cryogenically frozen barley from the oldest period of brewing we can get our hands on). Limited edition 440ml can included in ticket price.

Merchandise available at this one so bring your purses.



Part III - Rye - 10th May 2018. Beer Dark Abbess


More info:

"Entanglement! An Entropic Tale" 2018/2019 Tour


     Entanglement! An Entropic Tale is a cosmic dissemination opera that describes the mysteries of our universe (and of many others) with the distinctive sense of humour that only a nihilist character such as Entropy can have. At the same time, the impossible love story of an electron and a positron, who are stuck in a quantum quandary about their possibilities, arises during the unstoppable – and chaotic – destruction of the universe.


Future Dates:


25 May 2019 - Aberdeen - May Festival (two performances)


14th June 2019 - York - Festival of Ideas


2nd July 2019 - Attemborough Centre, Brighton



More dates to be confirmed





Past Dates:


26th, 27th April 2018 - Royal Birmingham Conservatoire - Opening Festival


8th August 2018 – Tête À Tête Opera Festival at RADA Studios, London

(Do you want to see this performance? Follow this link!)


14th November 2018 – King’s College London Chapel, London



27th November 2018 – Lakeside Theatre, Nottingham