Entanglement! An Entropic Tale

"This opera can be described as the Romeo and Juliet of particle physics. It is about life and death, creation and destruction, and the importance of living life in the present.” 

Infinite Opera

Opera in three acts 




Entropy - Soprano

Electron - Soprano

Positron - Mezzo

Gravity - Coloratura Soprano

Singularity - Bass




(35' + 20' + 30' )





Clarinet in Bb











Deeply connected, Electron and Positron long to touch but doing so would mean their annihilation. Guided by the nihilistic and reckless Entropy, their search for identity and meaning leads to black holes, parallel universes, encounters with the laws of physics – and ultimately the end of the universe as we know it. Based on current concepts from particle physics, Entanglement! An Entropic Tale is a cosmic exploration of life and death, creation and destruction, and the importance of living life in the present.

Act 1



Baron Entropy introduces us to its universe and the ensemble - its band of quarks. They defiantly play the same note until Baron Entropy’s power defeats the band and the note is taken from them forever.


Theories and concepts: Entropy



Scene 1:


Electron and Positron are arguing and Electron is desperate to be close to Positron, while Positron knows this will only ensure their mutual destruction. Positron flings Electron away in the direction of the black hole. Electron sings a lament about its lack of identity as it flies through space away from Positron, and Entropy is excited by the growing chaos.


Theories and concepts: Electron, Positron, Pair Production, Annihilation, Quantum Mechanics, Schroedinger and Uncertainty Principle.



Scene 2 - The Event Horizon:


In this scene Electron reaches the event horizon. It opens with a chorus about the terrifying black hole. Then we see Electron being pulled by Gravity. Positron watches and sees the effects of the red shift - singing an aria about its grief. Singularity welcomes Electron towards the Black hole. It ends with the vision of the Event Horizon itself.


Theories and concepts: Event Horizon, Gravity, Special Relativity and Singularity. 

"The mathematical concept of pi was also used as a tool for composing much of the music. However, despite being based on an arbitrary subject, the music flows effortlessly and not veering too far into the avant-garde as to make it course or difficult to listen to. This is definitely one for the science student and music lover alike."



Act 2


Scene 3 - Inside the black hole/Parallel universe scene:


Electron is now inside the black hole and moving closer to the Singularity. When it meets Singularity it discusses its pain and lack of identity. Singularity then prophesies about the graviton and its potential to help. Electron then meets four versions of itself from multiple parallel universes. Through this journey it discovers more about who it is and becomes ready to leave the black hole. Gravity then directs Electron to escape as Hawking radiation.


Theories and concepts: Gravity, the Graviton, Parallel Universes, Singularity and Hawking Radiation. 

"This is the first time I have ever heard of entanglement and entropy mentioned in a theatrical piece, and I am really excited about the upcoming show — described as the “Romeo and Juliet” of particle physics — and the emotional journey it will take its viewers on!"

Prof. Gerardo Adesso

Act 3


Entropy is angry that Electron is lost to it in the black hole. Positron feels Electron’s movement out of the black hole and resolves to find it in the future.


Theories and concepts: Entropy and Quantum Entanglement



Scene 4 - The Gravitational Wave:


Electron in the future calls to Positron, in the past, to find it. Gravity creates a Gravitational Wave for Entropy and Positron to surf into the future on. Once they have reached the future, near the end of the Universe, Positron realises that the bubble they travelled in (as a ship) is a Faraday cage and shields its electrostatic charge. This means it can touch Electron through the cage. Entropy dances around excited by the entropic future it has found.


Theories and concepts: Quantum Entanglement, Gravitational Wave, Special and General Relativity and Faraday Cage.



Scene 5 - Search for the Graviton and Annihilation:


Electron and Positron try to find the Graviton but the Universe is falling apart. Electron thinks on the prophesy made by Singularity and starts to wonder if the whole Universe is just made of only both of them. They decide finally they must take control of their fates and touch thus annihilating themselves. Is this the end of them, the end of the universe or the beginning of a new one?


Theories and concepts: The Graviton, Heat Death and The One Electron Theory 


  • 26th – 27th April 2018 - Première of Entanglement! An Entropic Tale (90')

Performed by Infinite Opera at the Opening Festival Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. LAB, Birmingham

 Co-production with the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire



  • 8th August 2018 - reduced performance (50')

Performed by Infinite Opera at Tête à Tête Opera Festival


  • 14th November 2018 - semi-staged performance

Performed by Infinite Opera at King's College London


  • 27th November 2018 - full performance

Performed by Infinite Opera at Lakeside Arts, Nottingham in collaboration with Gerardo Adesso and the Nottingham University




  • 22nd November 2019 - semi-staged performance

Performed by Infinite Opera at the Attenborough Arts Centre in collaboration with Beatriz Sánchez-Cano 





Interview - Roxanne Korda (librettist)

Act 3 - Preamble (TàT)