An entropic tale

Opera in 3 acts

Music by Daniel Blanco Albert

Libretto by Roxanne Korda

Entanglement! An Entropic Tale is a cosmic dissemination opera that describes the mysteries of our universe (and of many others) with the distinctive sense of humour that only a nihilist character such as Entropy can have. At the same time, the impossible love story of an electron and a positron, who are stuck in a quantum quandary about their possibilities, arises during the unstoppable – and chaotic – destruction of the universe.

Created by Infinite Opera


Commissioned for the RBC’s Opening Festival

celebrating the opening of the its new building


with special thanks to:

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire , 

Prof. Aleksandar Dundjerovic,

Prof. Gerardo Adesso



Duration - 90'


Baron Entropy - Soprano:

The ruler of this universe.  Entropy is only satisfied by a growing order born from chaos. It hates the thought that energy can be contained or held on to by other things within its universe.


Electron - Soprano:

A quantum character suffering from great uncertainty. It loves Positron yet this is an impossible love. It is on a mission to discover itself and to understand how to successfully fight against Entropy in this Entropic universe. 


Positron - Mezzosoprano:

Positron is entangled with Electron. It also suffers quantum anxiety and uncertainty, but it does everything in opposition to Electron. 


Gravity - Light soprano:

A ruler of many worlds - not just this entropic world. That means its power reaches into this world but also into many others. It is less directly involved with the characters and lives of the subjects in the universe. 

Singularity - Bass: A wise oracle. It is deeply misunderstood by those outside of the black hole. It is greatly feared but really it is lonely. 



Baron Entropy, annoyed by the order in its universe, determines to increase its chaos and so increase its own power.


Act 1:

The quantum entanglement state of Electron and Positron denies their love. This amuses Baron Entropy. The consequent argument makes Electron fly towards a black hole, crossing the event horizon, where it meets Gravity and Singularity.


Act 2:

Inside the black hole, Singularity reveals to Electron a possibility to save its universe by finding the mythical Graviton. Other Electrons from different parallel universes appear and make Electron determine its future. She finally escapes into the future by Hawking Radiation.


Act 3:

Baron Entropy’s plans are temporarily frustrated by Electron’s journey inside the Black Hole. That’s why it partners Positron to travel and meet Electron in the future, where Entropy becomes more powerful. However, Electron is determined to fight for Positron’s love to the very last moment of the universe. 

Why an opera about physics?

Physics is one of the most exciting and interesting subjects. So many ideas and concepts are relatable to many parts of our lives, and yet, we do not often talk about it in that sense. But opera, which is based very much on human emotions, brings something else to the physics. It allows us to think about it in respect to ourselves because of what we expect when we go to the theatre. 


Entanglement! looks back to the past and to the future. Although the characters may be concepts or forces of nature, there is not much difference to the old stories about gods and mortals. However, it presents, at the same time, some of the most forward thinking ideas and discoveries of physics. It is, ultimately, a tale of love and discovery. As somebody said, it could be considered the “Romeo and Juliet” of particle physics. 

What people say...

It is a terrific opera

Edwin Roxburgh


I definitely like electrons a lot

more when they can sing



The show very effectively represents the paradoxes and haphazardness of nature, with the music beautifully composed to create an ethereal atmosphere. [...] This is definitely one for the science student and music lover alike. 

Anna Marshall: Leftlion  - Nottingham


Baron Entropy - Soprano

Electron - Soprano

Positron - Mezzo

Gravity - Light soprano

Singularity - Black Hole













26th and 27th of April 2018

Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Birmingham




Leicester - November 22nd 2019, 7pm

University of Leicester Attenborough Centre.


London - 8th August 2018

Tête À Tête Opera Festival at RADA Studios, London


London - 14th November 2018

King’s College London Chapel


Nottingham - 27th November 2018

Lakeside Theatre