The Rise of Captain Swing

Operatic Folk Protest Masquerade Film

Music by Daniel Blanco Albert

Libretto by Roxanne Korda and PostWorkersTheatre

Captain Swing, the fictional face of worker dissent in the great English agricultural uprising of 1830, is resurrected to confront the horrors of working as a seasonal associate in an Amazon fulfilment centre. Will Swing help the workers to overcome Alexis the evil scanner, a symbol of Amazon's regime of technological discipline?


Devised collectively by Post Workers Theatre and Infinite Opera, Autohoodening: The Rise of Captain Swing centres on warehouse worker testimonies and interviews with Union organisers. Based on the midwinter custom of Hoodening, a historic parade performed with a horse effigy by farm labourers in East Kent (UK) as a carnivalesque satire of their working reality. This operatic folk protest reimagines Hoodening as workers’ theatre for the age of Amazon warehouses and platform capitalism. 


The Film was shot at Vivid Projects in Birmingham by Andy Willsher & Iain Armstrong with Costumes created by James Frost and Lottie Wood. The film edition was created by Infinite Opera, with Roxanne Korda focused on the video and Daniel Blanco Albert on the music.

Created by Infinite Opera

and PostWorkersTheatre

with the support of:


Vivid Projects

Goldsmiths UoL



with special thanks to:

Jamie Frost



Captan Swing - Soprano

Line Manager - Mezzo

Lead Picker - Baritone

Alexis - Mezzo

Molly - Soprano


 Pickers and Packers:

Choir and Folk Band




October 22 - January 23

Luleå Arts & Craft Biennial (Sweden)


10th Dec 2022

Vivid Projects (Birmingham) 


Alexis the scanner and the MollyBot strengthen their love with workers exploitation and the maximisation of the benefits of the warehouse. When a Picker gets hurt by the lovemaking of the two machines, the worker ends up being punished by the Line Manager. None of the pickers and packers is brave enough to fight back. But injustice awakes the anonymous Captain Swing, for whom the current working situation reminds them that of the XIXth century. However, without any support, Captain Swing is killed by the two machines, and the workers are punished again.


The situation is too bad. As a solution the workers, united, with a rite of resurrection, crown a renewed Captain Swing. With new weapons, and with the final and necessary support of the Line Manager, can now hack the machines to ensure their working and personal rights are respected.