Music for Theatre


The Good Soul of Szechuan

By Bertolt Brecht


11th-14th Dec 2019.


Directed by Aleksandar Dundjerovic



Music direction - Daniel Blanco Albert


Music Composed by Daniel Blanco Albert, Jude Radley, Holly Gowland and Samuel Barba. 


In this project I tutored a group of undergraduate composers in their first experience composing for theatre.

Only Shen Te, a good-hearted prostitute, offers them shelter. They reward her with money to buy a tobacco shop and turn her life around. Barely getting through the door, everyone has their hand out for help, threatening her chances to make a go of the business.


With her good nature further threatened by an unscrupulous suitor, her business-minded cousin, Shui Ta, arrives to protect her.

The Terror

By Stephen Simms


Bits of music material by Daniel Blanco Albert used as found material for Rob Robert's compositions for The Terror.


Music by Rob Roberts


Revolution will Eat its own Children

An exciting new physical theatre production.

‘The Terror’ is the name historians give to the darkest and most bloody part of the French Revolution, whose leaders were eventually murdered by their own followers: a pattern which has repeated across the centuries.

This production mixes film, music and live action, as characters and events from history crash into each other.

What happens when revolutionary barbarity and media celebrity collide? Will Marie Antoinette marry, snog, or kill President Kennedy? What terrors unfold when truth and lies are the same thing, and the ugly sisters drown Cinderella?


Visually stunning, this original production is unsettling, funny and beautiful.

Photos taken by Kirkpatrick photography


The Trojan Women

By Caroline Bird


BSA production directed by Sean Aita


Post-show music by Daniel Blanco Albert

Whilst the city of Troy burns, its women await their fate. Bird's thrilling and provocative re-invention of Euripides's classic brings the play bang up to date for a contemporary audience. Transplanting the action to a mother and baby unit, located within a women's prison, this electrifying drama explored the aftermath and consequences of war.

Photos taken by Kirkpatrick photography



By David Edgar 


BSA production directed by 
Aleksandar Dundjerovic 


Music by Daniel Blanco Albert

Live Music and Soundscape underscore

Photos taken by Greg Milner

Holy Day

Incidental music for Birmingham School of Acting production of Andrew Bovell's "Holy Day" directed by Lise Olson


Birmingham's Crescent Theatre Studio 11-14 October 2017


Full underscore mixing live music and prerecorded soundscapes based on Australian music

Photos taken by Greg Milner


Incidental music for Birmingham School of Acting production of Racine's "Phedra" directed by Gareth Somers.


Birmingham's Crescent Theatre 22-24 June 2017


Full underscore played live mixing ancient instruments and electronics.

Photos taken by Greg Milner

The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari

Incidental music for Birmingham School of Acting devised theatre production of  "The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari"

 directed by Stephen Simms.


Birmingham's Old Rep Theatre 22-25 March 2017


Serbia & Hungary Tour

Centar za kulturu, Belgrade 4th May 2017

Beogradsko Dramsko Pozoriste, Belgrade 5th May 2017

Firchie Think Tank, Novi Sad 8th May 2017

Academy of Drama and Film, Budapest, 11-12 May 2017


Underscoring co-composed by Nick Pattichis, Felix Cheung and Daniel Blanco Albert

Photos taken by Greg Milner

Blood Wedding

Incidental music for Birmingham School of Acting production of Federico García Lorca's tragedy "Blood Wedding" directed by Gari Jones.

Birmingham's Crescent Theatre (main house) 

15-18 March 2017

Full underscore -voice and electronics- and folk band onstage.

Photos taken by Hannah Kelly 


The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Incidental music for Birmingham School of Acting production of Shakespeare's early comedy "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" directed by Lise Olson

Birmingham's Crescent Theatre (main house) 

12-15 September 2016

30 tracks - 45'

Music for strings and for a live jazz band.

Photos taken by Hannah Kelly 


Incidental music for Birmingham School of Acting production of Dawn King's play "Ciphers" directed by Kirstie Davis

Birmingham Old Rep Theatre 15-18 June 2016

35 tracks - 40'

Music for piano, electronics, etc.

Photos taken by Hannah Kelly 


The Sins of Sor Juana

Incidental music for Birmingham School of Acting production of Karen Zacarías' play "The Sins of Sor Juana" directed by Lise Olson

European premiere, Crescent Theatre 21-24 October 2015

39 tracks - 55'

Music for choir, violin and cello duet, small consort, mixed ensemble, mixed electronics, etc.

Photos taken by Hannah Kelly